History :

           Asia Fructose Co., Ltd. is a private owned company established in the city of Bangkok in 1996. Its Head Office is located in Bangkok, a major asiatic city provided by modern living and logistic facilities.

           As one of the largest worldwide Tapioca Starch manufacturer Asia Fructose has its history based on the world growing demand for more competitive and efficient starches and better Technical Services supplied to a great variety of industries.

           For Asia Fructose Co., Ltd. the strategy to face the challenges of the future takes place right now and its sales approach is oriented towards the specialized production of modified starches in order to comply with the needs of many market segments such as “Paper, Food, Textile and Pharmaceutical among others.

Asia Fructose Philosophy:

We Do Not Limit Ourselves To Satisfy Our Client’s Needs, What Concerns Us The Most Is To Reach A Satisfaction Level Beyond The Expected In A Competitive Price

Main Plant:
           Asia Fructose Co., Ltd. has a modern Tapioca Starch Plant which was built with the latest technologies in order to supply our clients with high Quality products. Its workers are prepared and constantly trained to assure the highest level of Excellence in the production process.

Head Office and Sales Work Team:

           Its Head Office in Bagkok has a professional work-team with expertise in specific areas who is looking for improvement opportunities by understanding our client's and prospect's needs and wants. This team believes that it is not just necessary to reach our client's goals but it has to be built with the market a long term relationship aiming not offering just competitive prices but also continuously improve our client's profitability and productivity.


           Asia Fructose has its sales widespread worldwide in countries such as Japan, China, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, Germany, France, Brazil and Argentina among others.

Preserving Our Planet:

           Asia Fructose Co., Ltd. is a company which is aware of its environmental responsabilities and that is why the company continuously invests in a complete Effluent Treatment System and has its environmental thinking based on the world preservation for a better and healthy life. The company also has the commitment to support thai farmers with techniques of sustainable tapioca roots crops.

Commitment to Raw-Material High Quality:

           Asia Fructose Co., Ltd. is supplied by a native production of tapioca roots based on GMO Free organisms which guarantee the application of its products in the Food Industry without any restriction. On the other hands the quality and productivity of Asia Fructose raw-material are essential points in order to produce high-quality and competitively priced products. In this way the Laboratories of Asia Fructose take samples, evaluate and control every batch of its end-products which gives to our clients total conviction of the products supplied.

Taylor-Made Solutions:

           In order to give to our clients personalised solutions in the application of modified starches to their needs Asia Fructose can easily develop new formulations which will be offered in a competitive way in costs and volume through our Sales-Team.

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Main Plant
Head-Office and Sales Work Team
Preserving Our Planet
Commitment to Raw-Material High Quality
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Taylor-Made Solutions

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